Men’s Summer Style Guide

Men’s Summer Style GuideSummers are a time when none of us wants to dress up or change into something fancy to look good. All we want to wear is light, thin and airy but sometimes we face issues as to what should we wear to a beach party or a bbq night at a friend’s house. In cases like these; we are either running here and there because we don’t have proper clothes or calling a friend to lend us their clothes and this happens to especially boys because they don’t update their wardrobes according to seasons and fashions; they think they can use their old clothes of every occasion.

But this needs to change boys!! You need to upgrade your wardrobe for summer either according to men’s fashion magazine or by reading this article because we have some amazing fashion tips for you below.

Men’s Stylishness Guide:

  1. Wear simple and comfortable jewelry. If you are fond of wearing men’s jewelry, then you should keep your necklaces, bracelets simple because in summers the jewelry irritates the skin and can cause rashes. Wear silver, gold or a single rope necklace and bracelets.
  2. Espadrilles are fantastic shoes for walking in the sun; they are also super comfy and stylish. They are quick to wear so you can slip them on and be on the go. The shoes have traditional jute roped sole with a rubber base which is non-slipping. These shoes look hot with denim.
  3. A woven belt will make your button-down shirt and jeans look out of this world. It will introduce texture to your summer look and will make you stand out in public. One thing you should know about woven belts is that they won’t worsen the heat issue and will keep your waist comfy.
  4. The traditional summer clothing includes a logo half sleeve shirt with shorts or jeans, a can of chilled beer and a good hotdog. Logos shirts are the correct way of saying that summer is here. If you are not buying any different summer clothes, you at least buy two or three different logo shirts which look chic and are also not expensive.
  5. When the final days of summer are arriving and chilly evenings are approaching; you need you to find something which is neither too hot nor too cold for the mixed weather. In this case, your savior will be fine knit, which has natural temperature control properties. You can wear it with chinos or denim shorts.
  6. Just like a wardrobe; summer fragrances and other skin care products are also essential. Your moisturizers should be light and UV protected, shampoos anti-frizz and perfumes long lasting, sweet and floral.
  7. In summers, socks are very irritating, so you should buy a pair of socks which is of light fabric and have short ankles that they are not visible from your shoes. (So that people won’t look you with suspicion on wearing socks in this heat). Go sockless with invisible socks!

Caps are essential in sunny weather and scorching heat for protection from temperature. Buy caps of flexible, soft materials like washed cotton or linin caps to keep your head sweat free and allowing air to enter. Caps are your contemporary accessory. Always wear caps when you’re outside.