How To Have Magic Mornings: Wake Up Feeling Refreshed And Well-Rested

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Are you tired of waking up feeling groggy? Would you like to spring out of bed, alert and ready to tackle your day? A few simple changes to your daily habits can make a big difference in how energized you are throughout the day. Follow the six tips below to start feeling more refreshed right away.

Get Plenty of Sleep.

If you are sleep deprived, you are naturally going to feel exhausted and fatigued. The most effective way to overcome this problem is by making sure you are getting enough sleep. Each night, aim for approximately 7 to 9 hours of sleep. Improve your sleep habits by avoiding caffeine and alcohol before bed, turning off electronic devices an hour before going to sleep, and creating a cool, dark, quiet sleeping environment. Consider upgrading your mattress find the best mattress with these reviews.

Make the most of your sleep cycle. Your body’s circadian rhythm makes you feel drowsy when it gets dark and alert and awake when it feels light. You can take advantage of this by exposing yourself to bright light early in the morning. If it is sunny outside, spend a few minutes sitting in the sun. If you work the night shift, use room-darkening curtains during the day. Then, at night, get extra light exposure to help yourself feel more awake.

Think About Exercising First Thing In The Morning.

Getting out of bed and exercising is a great way to get your body off on the right foot for the day. Regular exercise leads to better circulation. More than that, it also can put you in an excellent mood. Even short workouts of approximately 10 minutes can have a big impact on how awake and alert you feel. One thing to think about, however, is how much sleep you are missing out on because of your workout. If you have to get up more than an hour early to work out, consider staying in bed instead. Your body may benefit more from the extra sleep.

Enjoy A Nutritious Breakfast.

If you get out of bed and have coffee and a donut, it can leave you feeling sluggish and drowsy all morning. After a long night without eating, your body needs high-quality nutrition. Try having a bowl of oatmeal with some berries and nuts. Other good choices include scrambled eggs and toast or Greek yogurt and fresh fruit.

Do Something You Love First Thing In The Morning.

Find an activity that makes you feel happy and energized, whether that is taking a hot shower, throwing a ball for your dog, or enjoying a delicious cup of coffee. Starting your day off with something fun and energizing is a great way to set yourself up for success later in the day.

Avoid hitting snooze. When your alarm goes off, get out of bed right away rather than hitting the snooze button. If you keep hitting snooze, it can make you feel sleepier. Even if you only snooze for 10 minutes each day, that comes out to over an hour of low-quality sleep each week. A much better option is to set the alarm as late as possible and to get up right away rather than hitting snooze.

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