How is Blockchain the Future of the Art?

How is Blockchain the Future of the Art? is one of the companies facilitating people willing to work with the blockchain based digital artwork. It would not be wrong to say that from verification tools for authenticity and provenance to the new ways towards art collecting; impact of blockchain is inevitable. You will be finding at your back in everything related to the blockchain based digital art space. Let us talk about the potential of the nascent technology in little details.

Blockchain ensure the safety of marketplace: One of the most challenging activities in the art market is to ensure the authenticity of the artwork whose artist is not alive anymore. Back in year 2014, a report stated that more than 50% of the artworks were either forged or not attributed to the original artists. This can be changed with the help of blockchain technology.

It is done as a public, and decentralized list of records that are secured and linked via cryptography. It is the key feature of the blockchain technology i.e. the fragmented nature. It is indeed considered to be the most secured way of digital data transfer. It has the capacity to track and then verify the authenticity via time stamps that are there at the time of transactions. Morreover, the issue is reslved via cryptographic signatures.

New art means new collectors: The blockchain technology has become the part and parcel of the artist’s practice. It is in terms of both the medium and the subject. There are nascent movements being experiences from the bitcoin graffiti art.

Is it all About Money?

If blockchain is seen in terms of authentication and vaLue preservation then indeed it is strong. However, considering it as a commodity is stil considered to be problematic. It may be because the art world is in the early stages of applying the blockchain technology. It would be very right to say that the status of the blockchain is same as the stayus of internet was back in 1993. So the question is if the blockchain will ultimately prove a benefit in the digital art space in a broader sense. The jury is still looking at it. is there providing the unmatched provenance tracking to the collectors, artists, dealers, and the institutions. The professional team of the company assigns a unique, secured, and tampers evident identity to the physical art work. The identity is authenticated throughout the life. Some of the main benefits include the transport of the artwork, secured provenance, and title transfers. It also prevents the counterfeit acts. has a team of professionals who are specialists of blockchain. The professionals of the company have built trust of their people in the blockchain art market with the help of this self-contained, democratic, and decentralized ecosystem where the blockchain art provenance, copyrights, and payments are built in. The future will show you all this in its true colors. To know more about the company, log on to their official site i.e.

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